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Q3 2022 Market Commentary

October 25, 2022
The Main Event: Cure Vs. Disease – “What’s your prediction for the fight, then?” – “Prediction?” – “Yes, prediction.” – “Pain.” Clubber Lang, pre-fight interview, “Rocky III” Recent U.S. Federal Reserve comments regarding the central bank’s resolve in fighting inflation have become more frequent and consistent. In his August 26, 2022 comments from Jackson Hole, […]

Q2 2022 Market Commentary

July 18, 2022
Company News: Forza Wealth Management is pleased to welcome Kimberly Evener as Director of Client Services. Please be on the lookout for a formal press release announcing her new role. What About Bob? No, we are not referring to the 1991 full-length feature comedy where a needy patient, played by Bill Murray, tracks down his […]

April 2022 Market Commentary

April 26, 2022
Netflix: Have We Seen this Movie Before? “History has shown that whenever companies, no matter how great, get priced above 50 to 60 times earnings, buyer beware.” “Big-Cap Tech Stocks Are a Sucker Bet,” Jeremy Siegel, The Wall Street Journal, March 14, 2000 The recent and continued re-rating of Netflix stock serves as a reminder […]

March 2022 Market Commentary

March 18, 2022
 Beware the Growth Bias in the S&P 500 Index After several years of Growth stocks dominating Value stocks, the S&P 500 Index may no longer be the “broadly diversified” benchmark investors have relied upon to track the market. With the largest companies in the S&P 500 Index carrying an undue load, investors may be exposed […]

Q4 2021 Market Commentary

January 28, 2022
“At 10x Revenues … What Were You Thinking?” Nearly 20 years ago, in March of 2002, an interview appeared in Business Week. Scott McNealy, CEO of Sun Microsystems, commented on his company’s stock at the peak of technology valuations two years earlier. (Sometimes, we find it useful to look back in time to compare and […]

Q3 2021 Market Commentary

October 29, 2021
Warby Parker Investors May Need Their Vision Checked At the end of September, eyewear maker Warby Parker went public via a direct listing on the New York Stock Exchange. If you are not familiar with the company, it was founded to solve the problem of eyewear being too expensive. Not only has the company been […]

Q2 2021 Market Recap

July 21, 2021
Inflation: Too Much, Too Little, or Not Much in the Middle? As the economic recovery has taken hold, thanks to the mass vaccination strategy here in the U.S., a debate has emerged in investment circles regarding inflation. The debate has centered around whether the increase currently seen in overall prices is here to stay or […]

Forza Wealth Management joins Fee-Only Network

May 11, 2021
Local firm joins select group of fewer than 2% of financial professionals that meet Fee-Only qualifications Forza Wealth Management, a Sarasota-based Registered Investment Advisor, proudly announces that it has joined the Fee-Only Network of financial advisors. A Fee-Only financial advisor is defined by three specific characteristics: they are only compensated by the client, without earning […]

Q1 2021 Market Recap

April 21, 2021
Piggly Wiggly: The Curious Case of Clarence Saunders and a Short Squeeze Gone Wrong Before the recent “meme stock mania,” which resulted in significant drama for companies like GameStop and AMC Entertainment, the annals of financial market history are littered with other so-called “short squeezes” that did not end well for those who bid up […]

Q4 2020 Market Recap

January 18, 2021
Not Using the “U” Word While we will resist the urge to use the “U” word* to describe 2020, we can’t help but look back and think about how events that might have normally taken years to unfold happened in just one. Whether it was the economic contraction from the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdowns, a waterfall […]