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Forza Turns Four

November 08, 2019

Four years ago, I left my corporate job to create a firm solely focused on providing investment advice to clients. My past experiences at a major brokerage firm and a global trust company inspired me to build a firm free of the many conflicts of interest often found at large financial firms.  Whether promoting a new product, reaching a sales quota, or hitting corporate metrics every three months, it was sometimes difficult to know if I was providing the best advice to my clients or putting my employer first. As a CFA charterholder and CFP® practitioner, being a Fiduciary 100% of the time is of the utmost importance and is the reason Forza exists today.

During the first few months of Forza’s opening, I felt like Kevin Costner’s character at the start of the movie, Field of Dreams*…  I wasn’t sure who was going to come.  It’s a feeling most small business owners can relate to when taking a leap of faith. Within the first year, Tim Videnka called and joined Forza’s vision, helping to make it a reality.

Today, we are grateful for the 34 families who we continually serve as financial stewards managing over $75 million in client assets.  It is this boutique structure that allows for custom investment planning tailored for each client.  As we are an investment focused firm, we work together with other local professionals like CPAs, bankers, insurance agents and attorneys to provide a comprehensive wealth plan.

We look forward to many more years of service and helping even more families to come.


Michael E. DeMassa, CFA, CFP®

Founder and Principal

*MLB recently announced a regular season game between the Yankees and White Sox will take place at the Field of Dreams location in Dyersville, Iowa on August 13, 2020.