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Q. What does the word FORZA mean?

A. FORZA is an Italian word with English translations of: strength, force, spirit and might. Our company name flows through to our core values: Strength in Service, Strength in Expertise and Strength in Independence.

Q. Are you a FIDUCIARY?

A. Yes, 100% of the time. Providing investment advice to our clients is our only business. We do not receive any commissions on portfolio recommendations and do not have any revenue sharing arrangements with outside firms. As a result, we are members of the Fee-Only Advisor Network and National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA)

Q. Do I need to live in Sarasota, Florida to become a client?

A. While we are located in Sarasota, our clients reside in many states across the country with some living abroad.

Q. What is the difference between Fee-Only and Fee-Based?

A. While the terms sound similar, there are some very important differences between these two types of financial professionals. What sets the two apart is compensation, or how each get paid. Forza is a member of the Fee-Only Network and held to the higher Fiduciary standard. In contrast, Fee-Based advisors may receive commissions or other kick-backs on products they recommend under the lower suitability standard.

Q. What is a registered investment adviser (RIA)?

A.  A registered investment adviser (RIA) is an adviser or firm engaged in the investment advisory business and registered either with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or state securities authorities. A Registered Investment Adviser is defined by The Investment Advisers Act of 1940 as a “person or firm that, for compensation, is engaged in the act of providing advice, making recommendations, issuing reports or furnishing analyses on securities, either directly or through publications.” An investment adviser has a fiduciary duty to his or her clients, which means that he or she has a fundamental obligation to always act in the clients’ best interests when providing investment advice.

Q. Who is the custodian of the assets?

A. For advisory clients, FORZA selected the Charles Schwab, &Co. Institutional platform to custody assets. For more information on their commitment to protect client assets, please click: Schwab Asset Protection.

Q. What is the fee structure?

A.  The advisory fee includes financial planning with portfolio management services.  It is based on a percentage of your assets we manage and is less than 1%. We may also combine account values for you, your family members and other types of related accounts which may result in a reduced advisory fee.

Q. Are there account minimums?

A. In general, we do not require a minimum dollar amount to open and maintain an advisory account.  However, to maintain a high level of service and portfolio customization, the minimum annual advisory fee is $5,000 which includes financial planning services at no additional cost.  In some circumstances, we may waive the minimum fee.  We may also combine account values for you, your family members and other types of related accounts to meet the stated minimum.

Q. How do I get started with FORZA?

A. Just click the schedule button below and fill out the contact form to book your complimentary consultation online. Or call us at 941-203-3748